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What is a K-Beauty Toner?

Unlike any drugstore skin toners that you may encounter that are 10 times cheaper than this item. K-beauty toners are specially formulated to prep your skin to absorb all the essentials that you will be putting next to your skin.

Using a K-beauty toner will make it easier for your skin to absorb the next type of skin care that you will be putting onto your faces such as serums, moisturizers, and more.
If you are a guilty skincare hoarder like me. Then, you probably know the struggle of putting and buying all the skincare advertised in the market just to achieve that glass glow skin trend.  

Well, girl, you probably already have the right serum or moisturizer on your skincare stash and you just haven’t prepped your skin as I do.

You better try Some By Mi Miracle Toner than never!

Here’s a before and after of my face after using Some By Mi Miracle Toner  along with my old skincare products.

As you can see, my skin is not super acne prone but I still have those little bumps and blemishes on my skin. The right side photo is the result that I had after using Some By Mi Miracle Toner in three weeks.

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See the difference? Yes, indeed it is very satisfying especially for a skincare enthusiast like me who has spent thousands just to find the right skin care regime.

Don’t commit the mistake that I did and do not underestimate the importance of prepping your skin for the next skin care products.

For your convenience, you can buy Some By Mi Miracle Toner here.