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How To Spot An Original Some By Mi Miracle Toner


Some By Mi is one of the newest Korean brands to follow and here’s why:  

This brand is a multi-award winning brand offers both practical and trendy product solutions for normal to sensitive skin ranging from skincare to makeup and due to its current and flash popularity because of more than 1000s reviews worldwide that it’s indeed effective.

The brand has not only grabbed the attention of skincare enthusiasts, beauty gurus, but also the fake beauty brand manufacturers who sell it cheaper than its original price.

Are you currently worried that you might have one fake Some By Mi Miracle Serum? Well, don’t worry, pretty! We can help you spot if your Some By Mi Miracle Serum is original or fake.

It’s time to check your Miracle Serum before taking the risk of using it.

Before you get too excited about your recent package arrival. It is best not to open it yet but to check the outer box coverage.

Your Some By Mi Miracle Serum should look like this.

miracle 1

Here’s the front view of an original Some By Mi Miracle Serum.

miracle 2

The back view is where you will have to see the original seal of the product. If you don’t see any silver sticker above or if you receive a Miracle Serum with a transparent sticker. Immediately contact your seller for replacement or refund because that is fake.

miracle 6

Here’s the close up view of the seal that says “Check the Authenticity after Installing HiddenTag App” - this app is available for Android and iOS users worldwide which makes it easier for you to detect if what you have bought is original or fake.

Once installed, you can just open your back camera and let the app scan the code shown in the picture below.

miracle 5

The App will automatically tell you if what you have is authentic or fake.

In case, you want to have a hassle-free shopping for an Original Some By Mi Miracle Serum you can also shop and click here or click the picture below.

miracle serum