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Can Some By Mi Rose Intensive Whitening Cream Really Whiten Your Skin In Just 30 Days?

intensive cream

Isn’t it amazing how the key players in the beauty industry have successfully innovated products that cannot only replace the traditional ones but can also be an alternative to going to the Derma just to have your skin whiten and glowing?

Real talk! Back in the 90s to early 2000s, students and beauty enthusiasts often struggle to find a reliable whitening solution. Students are not allowed to wear makeup during schooling hours, office girls are too in a hurry to avoid being late during their working hours but need to look more professional and elegant, while some women prefer to have that no-makeup - makeup look with the use of Johnson’s baby powder.

Now with all the Korean beauty innovations this is now has become less of a problem as you can easily go to school looking more prettier than ever with the use of BB, CC, or DD creams, go to work without having to spend much time doing makeup, or just achieve that natural beauty look using Korean beauty products and one of this is Some By Mi Rose Intensive Whitening Cream who claims to whiten and brighten your skin in just 30 days while giving you a better everyday look.

Can’t believe that it’s true? Then, watch this video.

 We also wanted to see if this claim to fame product is true.

As a woman who’s always on-the-go to look for a reliable personal beauty product that’s worth the purchase and here’s the results we got after two weeks of use.It has truly whiten my face and decrease some unwanted skin pigmentations.

before after

In case, you also want to try out the 30 days whitening challenge with Some By Mi Whitening Cream you can click here or click the picture below to get yours.


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